Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

1. New Products for Customer Ease

Brands are going to try even harder to meet our needs in the upcoming year. We’ve already seen something very similar to this when Amazon came out with Amazon Go, a shopping tool that preys on our hatred of checkout lines and busy grocery stores. With hectic modern lifestyles, it won’t be a big surprise if other brands follow this type of care, trying to make things even faster and easier for the consumer.

2. A.I. Innovation

There are new and developing opportunities for artificial intelligence. In the years since the digital boom, the way we approach technology, business, relationships, and even our daily lives have changed drastically. In just a decade, we all have become creators, editors, and content writers, which means there’s also an explosion of data; we’re all trying to gather the pieces, but there are just too much. That’s where AI can help. With its usefull digital processors, we can be at ease knowing we’re far beyond our storytelling predecessors.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.

3. “Instant” Speed to be the New Normal

Instant is not fast enough; it is expected. The Wi-Fi connection at home can lead to a slight lag in internet speed with frustrates customers. A PowerPoint presentation could or could not have been presented to our parents using viability of Google Fiber. Platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live have tried to capitalize this opportunity by providing a real-time experience to share with others.

Some examples of Real-Time Applications (RTA) are videoconference applications, VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), online gaming, Community storage solutions, many e-commerce transactions, communication and online chatting/instant messaging.

4. Niche Curation

If we are more likely to have confidence in people who collect info that match with our interests and lifestyles, consumers will further admire the ability to filter recommendations. Curating online options for customers can be a useful tool for companies and marketers. This can help from picking out shoes or news articles of interest.

Curata has found that curating isn’t an upcoming or cutting-edge practice any longer, it’s become the norm. Only 5% of the marketers worldwide asked in their annual report never share other organization’s content, while nearly ⅓ share blogs, industry publications, or other resources on a regular basis.

5. Mobile Devices Shopping

2014 marked the global trend of mobile use greater than desktop use. This is going to push companies to tailor websites, updates, and accessibility with phones and apps in mind.

So, picture this: your phone knows that Taco Tuesday is coming, and then it sends you a notification with information on the local specials of a local Mexican restaurant you’ve never eaten at before. To make it even better, add in Yelp reviews and coupons. These tactics can help sway consumers even when they are not at their computer or television.

6. Social Influencers Diversify, Specialize and Grow Exponentially

While brands continue trying to grow and keep a loyal following, bloggers have already “been there, done that.” From curating content about fashion, food, home decor and other niche passions, bloggers have been gathering fans who not only support but also boost their credibility when it comes to authentic content. As digital noise continues to intensify and marketers work to navigate the digital-thicket, there’s only one person right to guide them: an influencer.

7. The Influencer VS Marketing

With some sites pulling stunts such as posting fake reviews or offering discounts for positive reviews, established influencers/bloggers are probably the most trusted form of peer review out there. With marketing, we’ve become somewhat weary, causing us to be skeptical of most efforts; but, if someone we feel like we can trust says we should buy a product, we’re much more likely to shed our ad-resistant outer layer and make a purchase. It’s not a new concept for brands to compensate influencers to cumulate their existing audience.

8. Consumer Resentment of Intrusive Marketing Deepens

Because of pop-ups universal unpopularity, the days of in-your-face digital advertising are almost over. People don’t want to be annoyed, especially with intrusive marketing. We’ve seen one alternative present itself recently: sponsored content. But even that can be somewhat bothering and cause more resentment from consumers.

Do you remember when DJ Khaled became important again by way of Snapchat? It worked shortly, and whether or not his repetitive personality was to blame for his downfall, the key to his success was being able to successfully market different products to the viewers. Younger generations want their advertisements to be fast, interesting, and most of all, non-intrusive. Once marketers have a way to effectively meet those needs, there will be a revolution in marketing.

9. Mobile Devices Usage Tightens

We mentioned this earlier, but our phones are our lifelines. Teachers can no longer ask students about the one item they would take on a deserted island because every ones answer would be their phone (except for the genius child that says “a boat”).

It is almost difficult to see how we can become more fixed to our devices. Maybe it’s not about how we will use our phones more, but how we will use them more efficiently. Despite some recent efforts supporting us to isolate ourselves from technology (*cough, Nike*), smartphones will undoubtedly weave themselves deeper into our everyday activities in the future. So, if brands are smart, they’ll find a way to assimilate themselves into our phone-centered lifestyles seamlessly.

10. Out with words, in with images and video

As messaging technology replaced voice calls, it also replaced our capacity to properly convey emotion, proving especially hard to decipher between someone being serious or sarcastic. However, images, emojis, gifs, and videos help solve this problem. There are apps out there that function as search engines for image-related emotions. An example of this is imessage’s gif and snapchat’s emoji/sticker search.

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

Hired an SEO company in Mumbai but still not receiving traffic on your website as much as you expected? Is your site not showing up in Google search results?

Don’t worry… Here is an answer to your question. It’s an explanation as to why your website fails to attract traffic.

1. Not Creating Keyword-Focused Posts

This is a very common mistake and one of the most important reasons why a website is not getting enough traffic. Simply writing a blog is of no help. Instead, you need to add keywords that is relevant to your blog niche, and that are searched more than 500-600 times per month. However while selecting keywords you also need to focus on competition and commercial value.

Remember, keyword-focused posts will not only increase your traffic on your website but will also make it easy for you to compete in the market.

2. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

When you are in the business, it becomes very important to understand who are your potential buyers or customers and what you are offering or selling?

Knowing your target audience will help you identify if you are in the right niche. It will help you understand what your customers want to read and what other content would spark their interest while they’re browsing your blog on the internet. This in all will help you create more interesting articles and blogs that will attract more users to your website.

3. Not Creating Sharable Content

Writing content is only 50% of content marketing. The other 50% is sharing that content. You cannot expect the traffic to come flooding in automatically after you click the “publish” button. You have to make sure your content reaches those places where your actual customers reside i.e. Social Media. If you and your digital marketing agency in Mumbai are not participating in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus communities and are not bothered to engage with the audience, then you will surely fall behind in SERPS.

So once you publish your content, make sure you share it and promote it.

4. Not Linking Internally

Internal linking is one of the most important factors to get your blog indexed completely. It allows good website navigation and structure and allows search engines to crawl or spider websites.

Internal linking also helps in decreasing bounce rate of your blog and makes it easy for Google to rank your website accordingly. Moreover, it improves your CTR (click through rate) beneficial to your Google Adsense revenue.

5. Not Mobile-Friendly

By now, everyone should understand how important it is to optimize your blog or site for mobile users. Since mobile users are easily surpassing desktop internet users globally, Google is stressing more and more on the mobile-friendliness of the sites. So in today’s world, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are surely way behind in terms of technology. Moreover, it’s a huge reason why your website is not receiving the desired amount of traffic.

Search engine optimization is a process of making your website as relevant and trustworthy as possible so that search engines rank your site when people are searching for relevant keywords. And Spenta Digital Media is one such SEO/ digital marketing company in Mumbai that will fulfill all your online marketing needs. With a team of creative thinkers, technology whizzes, content creators and business strategists, this company will help you ideate, create, engage your your audience and evolve your digital platform.

Important Tips to Follow When Hiring a Video Production Company

If in any case, your organization has a video project that they’d get a wanted to see it delivered. Perhaps it’s web video content, potentially it’s an inner video for the training of sales, or you need to catch an up and coming corporate occasion. Video promotions and advertising of service and products through videos are extremely famous nowadays attributable to the way that an ever-increasing number of individuals are shared to the web nowadays. Watching videos via web-based networking media stages is the standard and accordingly tapping this chance to promote service or product range is an ideal approach to develop and succeed. In any case, organizations need to contract dependable and experienced video creation organizations that can convey. The organizations with little or no experience can accomplish more mischief than great.

When making a video, choosing a video generation organization isn’t simple. This is the reason most customers select to remain with an extraordinary one once they’ve found it. To attempt to locate a wide assortment of organizations you can visit online search engines, for example, Google, check Yellow Pages postings, or ask partners/offices you know as of now.

What’s an ideal approach to finding a trustworthy video generation organization to contract? Secondly…what would it be advisable for you to search for? The going with 8 tips will help you to get the correct organization. The tips will prevent you from making any expensive mistakes.

Look for A Specialist: Distinctive organizations arrive in a huge number of different structures. By and large, they are pros in a specific sort of video or division e.g. Corporate Video generation. For the most part, the more experience a video generation organization has in your market, the less convoluted it is for you to impart your objectives crosswise over to them. An expert organization will be very much set to create a video for your intended interest group. Much of the time, setting aside the opportunity to search for a master organization is time well spent.

Acquire Samples and References: A reputation means a considerable measure. Organizations with an incredible portfolio and customer list are for the most part a more secure choice. The happy customers an organization has as much as possible is a great achievement. Demand that the Production company demonstrates to you the most recent 3-5 preparations they’ve finished inside the cited spending plan, before calling those customers to perceive what they think about your video generation company and their new video.

Prepare A Production Brief: A production script is only a diagram of what you need as far as a video; a rundown of rules for a video maker to work from. A broad rundown, about a page long, is frequently all that could possibly be needed to start. Without this concise, organizations will think that it’s difficult to furnish you with a correct quote.

Get A Clear Quote: Your organization ought to dependably be prepared to deliver a point by point cite for free; it’s basic. You ought to ensure that everything is incorporated into this quote and know about any additional items in the small print.

Check the Production Team: If you like a specific video, ask for/demand that the organization utilize the same imaginative and creation group on your video also. The skill and experience of the generation group will majorly affect the inventiveness and creation estimations of your video.

Endorse Re-Writes and Re-Edits: Based on whether you have agreed on something else, the privilege to re-alter the video and re-draft the script ought to be standard practice until it’s effective, right and to the point. These are essential chances to give input and improve your video in the way you might want. The onus will be on you to give any indispensable criticism inside the time or you will postpone the generation of your video.

Acquire Copyright Ownership: Your video’s copyright is extremely profitable and being the proprietor of it will permit you to abstain from paying your organization more cash, as you can convey it to the huge number of online distribution channels yourself.

Arrange A Deadline: If in case you need your video to be set aside a few minutes, demand a written document mentioning the date of video completion and final submission, that incorporates punishments for unsuitable defers that weren’t your blame. Ensure that your agreement ensures that your project won’t get neglected in view of another project being embraced by the video creation organization.

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing The Right Greenville Seo Company

The right SEO company can do wonders for your business and produce results that exceed your expectations. However, selecting the right Greenville SEO company might seem like a time-consuming and daunting task to many. By investing some time and effort, you not only become successful in acquiring the right SEO service providers for your business but also ensure that your business makes the most of all the optimization services and solutions that they have to offer.

There is a lot to consider before you hire that right Greenville SEO company to make your business grow. Search engine optimization is all about having the patience to be able to observe the desired results over time. It is a long and gradual process which does not producegreatresults overnight. Therefore, your SEO company needs to follow the best practices and implement powerful SEO strategies that can speed up the process and can show you results in the shortest time.

With a large number of Greenville SEO companies, it is imperative that you choose a genuine and reputed company to work with. A lot of providers are going to claim to be the best. But there are still a few factors that you can consider to judge which company is the right fit for your business. Because every business is different, the SEO needs and requirements vary accordingly. Depending on the nature of your business and the goals that you wish to achieve, you need to make sure that the Greenville SEO company that you are going to partner with does provide the necessary optimization services and the ability to produce the desired and expected results for your business.

  • Check for their abilities and success rates

The SEO strategies implemented for your business will only be successful and of any use when the company’s SEO experts are capable enough to bring out the desired results. If your SEO company has not been able to bring websites at least on the first page in search engine results, then partnering with them would be a complete no-no. Check for their client results and feedback to determine how capable they are in their work and how have they helped other businesses improve their search engine ranks successfully.

  • Sustainable results

Just producing outstanding results for your business is not enough. Especially when it comes to improving website ranks in search engine results, it is imperative that your business retains that rank and position for a long time. This highly depends on the success and quality of their SEO practices and methods. Try to determine the quality of results that the SEO company has produced for their clients and other companies in the past, and check whether those companies are still doing well in the online market. The key here is to aim for online ranks and positions that stay for a long time to ensure the continuous growth and prosperity of your business.

  • Keyword research and targeting

Keywords play an extremely important role in improving website ranks and optimizing webpages fully. The quality and performance of websites online are clearly determined and based on the type of keywords that are being used and the way these words are used to improve page ranks in search engines. Therefore, the experts of your SEO company must be proficient enough with keyword researching and targeting to make sure that your website has the adequate quality to perform exceptionally better than your other competitors.

  • Measuring success

You will be unable to retain the growth and success of your business if your SEO company does not follow any integrated strategies to track your website’s success ratio and performance. Your SEO company needs to provide you with efficient services that can track the performance of your websites and webpages so that you can quickly fix errors and pay greater attention to the lax areas and aspects. Determine how your SEO company is going to measure the success of the results for your business and the precise order and plan they would be using to track the quality and performance of your websites online.

  • Check for their previous clients

Go through their portfolio or get in touch with the companies and clients that your SEO company has previously worked with. The quality of results that they have produced for previous companies through their SEO services and strategies highly determines whether or not you must partner with that company. Google takes a lot of care in assessing the quality and performance of websites, and the experts of your SEO company need to have thorough knowledge on what these qualities and deciding features are that allows Google to either increase or decrease your page ranks in search results.

Contact reputed Greenville SEO companies and choose the right service provider by following the above basic tips. Look for certain qualities and features in your SEO company and assess the way they work and how their attitude is when you get in touch with them. A good SEO company can transform the way potential customers and visitors look at your business and can take your company to greater heights of success.

3 Old Bad SEO Strategies Can Get Your Site Google Penalized

Have you hired any SEO service provider for your website without knowing about their exactly doing the activity? Hopefully not, but there is chance that you negotiate about pricing without focusing on quality so activities being offered. Since there are many marketers who are so service providers but do not follow Google’s guidelines for following best SEO practices. So if you have never been in the Google penalty kinder of Panda or Penguin than you could be just because of doing bad and old ineffective activities. Complete results say goodbye to all your branding and online reputation.

In this start of year 2017 we would like to update you about 3 crucial SEO strategies which should be taken care before you on-board with any of the SEO service providers.

1. Homepage backlinking:

It is good to create Backlink for our homepage but creating multiple backlinks only for homepage when comparing with other webpages is not good strategy. Some of the companies says that acquiring homepage Backlink is good and increase brand awareness, however it is not the fact atleast not in year 2017. In previous decade year 2015, this strategy was helpful for ranking website higher. “John Mueller” who is Google authorized webmaster said, “Creating Backlink for Home Page in natural way is good, but if you Spam this than you might also Spam”.

Homepage Link + Exactly Match Anchor Text = Leading to Google Penalty

So make a balance between creating Backlinks for homepage and for other pages you have.

2. Link Farming or generating Link Wheel:

Link farming is just a series of free websites which allow creating page on their websites like wordpress, blogger and many other. For generating Backlinks, webmasters creates pages on these platforms and put some related content. This does not has any sense and not beneficial in ranking and all. Same way some of the webmasters prefer creating a backlink circle (link wheel) with their content network websites.

So Link wheel or Farming is not a strategy but it is the trick for creating many Articles containing one link of your website which Google can catch easily and cause to penalty.

3. Backlinking from Penalize website:

Not all but most of the backlinks are beneficial in getting higher rank in SERP. However if you are not analyzing background of backlinks offering websites then this can also be a reason of moving your website towards to penalty or sandbox.

So never tried to generate Backlinks from already penalize websites as instead creating Backlink it redirect you towards to Google penalty.

Anything Else for Preventing from Bad SEO activities:

Apart from above 3 there are many other activities which should be taken care before you go for them. But these 3 activities are which still being used by seo service provider which cause to Google penalty and nothing else. There are many other companies which are offering ethical seo services like Digital Bulbs having a team of perfect SEO strategist to serve it’s clients in well manner.

The Risks and Rewards of Omnibus Surveys

If you work in the marketing business, you have likely heard of omnibus surveys. Omnibus surveys are large-scale surveys whose costs, distribution and results are shared by several companies. Each company contributes questions or research areas, and each company gets to view the results of each question or research area.

Some companies are hesitant to participate in omnibus surveys, fearing there might be certain risks involved. Here are a few of the most common concerns and the facts behind them.

Is Cost Sharing a Financial Risk?

In an omnibus survey agreement, the costs are typically split evenly among the companies participating, although at times they may be split proportionately based on the amount of information they are pursuing through the survey. Either way you slice it, omnibus surveys typically are not a financial risk. Your payment will go through the marketing company directly and will not be shared with the other companies involved. You will likely have a chance to see what information the other companies are researching through the survey in advance as well, so you know what you are paying for.

Is it Smarter to Keep Results Exclusive?

Many companies hold their research methodology and resulting information very closely, hoping to leverage their exclusive results as a competitive advantage over other companies. There is some logic in this-exclusive insights can lead to serious breakthroughs. But an omnibus survey is often shared between differing companies in varying sectors, all of whom are seeking different pieces of information, so you won’t be giving your competitors a lucky break. Not to mention, it’s rare that market research results are so ground-breaking that they need to become a closely guarded company secret. The information gathered will shine some light on certain opportunities, but likely won’t be shocking or anything that your competitors are incapable of discovering for themselves. Rather, the advantage comes from how you interpret and use the information to your company’s benefit.

Is Another Company’s Research Really Valuable?

How beneficial can it possibly be to have access to another unrelated company’s omnibus survey results? There’s a good chance that the other involved companies are in completely different sectors and may be researching areas that you don’t think concern you, so is it really worth your time?

Actually, it is. It absolutely is. Researching the same things and looking at the same demographics over and over again will lead to the same conclusions, over and over again. Often, looking at something completely different will produce unexpected moments of discovery. Sharing omnibus survey results can turn out to be a pivotal moment for your company.

Omnibus surveys are a great tool to save research costs while gaining unique insight. As long as you are working with a reputable marketing company to execute the survey, there should be no real risks involved. Instead, it’s a low-risk move with potentially very valuable results-a win-win situation. It’s a good idea to give omnibus surveys a try. You never know what you might find.

Want to Boost Your Business? It’ High Time to go For Social Media Marketing Strategy

At the turn of the millennia, it wasn’t only global citizenship culture that was seeing a major change. Underneath the skunk-works of a politically changing world, the internet was quietly and rather slowly evolving into its next generation. No one, at least at that time, was prepared nor was expecting what was coming towards them. The internet, with a few proponents such as Google and Facebook, reached its peak usage right before the turn of the decade that span from the year 2000 to 2010. But a lot had changed already; Facebook and Google were developing its new advertising strategies (Facebook’s Advertising and Google’s massive AdSense program), ticking time bombs for advertisers around the globe. Why a ticking time bomb you ask? Because Social Media Marketing Strategy was going to be the talk of every board meeting and corporate decisions for years to come.

Advertising and marketing was a complex process since the inception of the concept, but it was further twisted following the birth of digital? To define the term to a lay man, the process of digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies mainly pertaining to the Internet, but also extends up to mobile phones, display advertising or any other digital medium.

Digital has become an essential part of any Digital marketing company, while it is also safe to say that any business that needs upgrading or a boost in sales right now needs a dose of social media marketing strategy. This brings us to Flags Communications – an INS accredited and one of the top digital marketing agencies in New Delhi. In the past decade itself, the concept of digital marketing has boomed bringing significant revenues north of $400 billon in the year 2016.

But this time around the concept of digital marketing has had a gripping effect on advertisers around the world, so much so that the use of traditional mediums of marketing such as newspapers, radio and TV has been sidelined. Digital marketing has taken over the internet and Flags Communications is proud to be a creatively energized digital company leading brands and much more to better identities and wonderful sales figures. Think growth in a digital world, think of Flags.

Flags Communications is proud to be a creatively energized digital marketing company leading brands and much more to better identities and wonderful sales figures.

An Effective Approach in The Marketing World

You can also draw the attention of your guests during any party or event organized to mark a particular occasion such as wedding/theme party/birthday. After examining the designs keenly, you will be able to know that the designs have been imprinted with an artistic feel. A professional and technical approach can also be observed.

Many online stores display a different range of vintage glass items that are known to supply multiple benefits for you. Furthermore, you will feel more special for sure after going through the huge range of products available in which you can enjoy your favorite beverage. Placing an order against those glass items that have been personalized as per your current needs is simple. All you have to do is to select a leading brand that provides a reliable product that can resist pressure even after rough use. Having a detailed review is an essential part of choosing the right products because no one would like to purchase an item that lacks the quality to a greater extent. So, observe everything deeply about the product such as the material, the brand, the design, and the looks.

Going through the broad range of champagne flutes will make you even more ecstatic. You just have to make a selection after considering all the benefits and features of the leading brands in an inclusive manner. The key advantage you get in this regard is that you can understand that which brand of glass perfectly works for sure. Keep in mind that glass is a fragile material and the items made of it are fragile too. Therefore, you should not take any chances in handling the articles which are so delegated. You should be extra careful when carrying those glass products because they can be broken at anywhere and at any time.

Personalized glassware also comes in different prints. They are printed in a stylish manner providing you the kind of luxury you have always been desired for. You can find a range of beautiful themes on glassware, such as – celebrities, reflecting nature, and 3D images make the concept of displaying pictures on glasses even more priceless. Apart from the regular items available with little modifications, so many other glass products available in the market which are offered on special discounts. Online home shopping provides you more expediency regarding quality and comfort. This way you will be able to treasure some of the memorable moments of your life by having a yummy sip of coffee or tea. Moreover, personalized glassware is an inexpensive yet powerful marketing tool which can help you making your business or product popular in right audience.

The Different Levelheaded Restaurant Marketing Ideas

In the time what went before when the technology was not much advanced, it was common for restaurateurs to implement certain off-the-wall marketing techniques viz. advertising in the yellow pages, or giving out of flyers. Purchasing ads in local newspapers as well as radio or television commercials are some other prominent Restaurant Marketing Plan too that restaurateurs will typically think about. While some of these techniques are still in usage to a certain extent, quite a lot of innovative and even more cost-effective techniques can be used to make the restaurant marketing campaign a sheer success.

Using traditional methods in today’s cutthroat times will pose a plenty of disadvantages and will pour cold water on your restaurant marketing campaign and therefore the use will be of no avail. The aspects that must be dealt with are there is a time holdup involved before any results can be observed, and the results are very tricky to put a figure on.

It is a far-fetched idea for restaurateurs to place advertisements in the media and look ahead to witnessing results right away. While the time lag feature is built-in in different procedures of restaurant marketing, there are varieties of methods that will help you remarkably in monitoring and gauging results. Also, these can be implemented for more convenience.

Your restaurant marketing strategy must take in a weighty element of social networking. One of the most popular and successful restaurant marketing ideas that can be implemented in the marketing techniques for your restaurants is to convince your visitors and customers to post reviews about your services on the internet. There is a mass of restaurant review sites on the internet and you can offer great discounts to your customers for posting reviews on some well-known sites such as Google+, Facebook etc.

The reviewing method is very helpful, since this way, your targeted clients or customers get a glimpse of your services while conducting a research or trying to find information about service providers. Diners no longer simply pay a visit to a restaurant. Irrespective of the reason, they now feel obliged to inform others that they have paid a visit to the restaurant, and will typically delve into details to become a reviewer to inform others of their experience, by giving an account of the meals, price rates and the services. By writing reviews at the review sites, your potential customers are given a reminiscent of your business, making it one of the more cost-effective and smart Restaurant Marketing strategies.

4 Tips For Creating The Most Effective Business Cards

Even in the age of the personal website, Skyping, and emails, the business card is a staple of the business world. There’s a reason for that, too: Even with all the new and more technologically advanced ways we have to connect with each other, business cards are a quick and convenient way to tell someone everything they need to know about you and to remind them you exist.

Of course, not all business cards are created equal. In order to serve their purpose (namely, to convince people to trust you and to contact you for whatever services you’re offering them), business cards need to meet certain standards. The best business card designers share many things in common, such as they:

1. Make It Readable

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it’s worth pointing out, anyway. In their quest to make their business cards more interesting and stand out from the crowd, some people pick designs that are so detailed and idiosyncratic that they are borderline illegible. Whatever else you decide to include in the design for your business card, make sure that all the pertinent information is clear and legible.

2. Stay Away from the Margins

As advanced as printing techniques have gotten, there’s no way to make sure that every single business card turns out perfectly. This is especially true for borders and text that reach all the way to the edges of the card. Most printing services recommend leaving a space of at least 3mm around the edge of the card that is the same color of the background. This space is known as the “bleed,” and it is there to make sure that none of the design gets cut off.

3. Use the CMYK Color Model

If you’re going to use a color design for your business card, it’s important to use the CMYK color model when laying out the design. CMYK-cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (or black)-is the name given to the color model used during the commercial printing process; most computers and electronic screens, on the other hand, use the RGB color model.

Without getting too technical, sending a design to the printers in RGB is likely to result in a muddy design and colors coming out distorted in the final product. If you’re not sure how to make sure your design is in CMYK, consult with a printer before submitting the design to make sure that it’s been formatted correctly.

4. Aren’t Afraid of Embossing

Embossing your business cards serves multiple purposes. With embossed business cards, even plain black-and-white designs appear more dynamic and elegant. If you have no eye for design or don’t want your business cards to feel gaudy or overdesigned, embossing is a simple but effective way make a simple design stand out.

Additionally, embossing adds a touch of elegance and class to a business card. It may be shallow, but business cards that look more expensive are more likely to catch someone’s attention and be remembered.

Whether you want your business cards to be colorful and glitzy or simple and dignified, following these design principles will make sure that your cards will make an impression. Once you stick with these simple rules, the rest is up to you! Perhaps the most important tips for business card design is to pick a design that makes you happy and which represents the way you want to be seen by your peers and potential clients.