5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

Hired an SEO company in Mumbai but still not receiving traffic on your website as much as you expected? Is your site not showing up in Google search results?

Don’t worry… Here is an answer to your question. It’s an explanation as to why your website fails to attract traffic.

1. Not Creating Keyword-Focused Posts

This is a very common mistake and one of the most important reasons why a website is not getting enough traffic. Simply writing a blog is of no help. Instead, you need to add keywords that is relevant to your blog niche, and that are searched more than 500-600 times per month. However while selecting keywords you also need to focus on competition and commercial value.

Remember, keyword-focused posts will not only increase your traffic on your website but will also make it easy for you to compete in the market.

2. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

When you are in the business, it becomes very important to understand who are your potential buyers or customers and what you are offering or selling?

Knowing your target audience will help you identify if you are in the right niche. It will help you understand what your customers want to read and what other content would spark their interest while they’re browsing your blog on the internet. This in all will help you create more interesting articles and blogs that will attract more users to your website.

3. Not Creating Sharable Content

Writing content is only 50% of content marketing. The other 50% is sharing that content. You cannot expect the traffic to come flooding in automatically after you click the “publish” button. You have to make sure your content reaches those places where your actual customers reside i.e. Social Media. If you and your digital marketing agency in Mumbai are not participating in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus communities and are not bothered to engage with the audience, then you will surely fall behind in SERPS.

So once you publish your content, make sure you share it and promote it.

4. Not Linking Internally

Internal linking is one of the most important factors to get your blog indexed completely. It allows good website navigation and structure and allows search engines to crawl or spider websites.

Internal linking also helps in decreasing bounce rate of your blog and makes it easy for Google to rank your website accordingly. Moreover, it improves your CTR (click through rate) beneficial to your Google Adsense revenue.

5. Not Mobile-Friendly

By now, everyone should understand how important it is to optimize your blog or site for mobile users. Since mobile users are easily surpassing desktop internet users globally, Google is stressing more and more on the mobile-friendliness of the sites. So in today’s world, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you are surely way behind in terms of technology. Moreover, it’s a huge reason why your website is not receiving the desired amount of traffic.

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