3 Old Bad SEO Strategies Can Get Your Site Google Penalized

Have you hired any SEO service provider for your website without knowing about their exactly doing the activity? Hopefully not, but there is chance that you negotiate about pricing without focusing on quality so activities being offered. Since there are many marketers who are so service providers but do not follow Google’s guidelines for following best SEO practices. So if you have never been in the Google penalty kinder of Panda or Penguin than you could be just because of doing bad and old ineffective activities. Complete results say goodbye to all your branding and online reputation.

In this start of year 2017 we would like to update you about 3 crucial SEO strategies which should be taken care before you on-board with any of the SEO service providers.

1. Homepage backlinking:

It is good to create Backlink for our homepage but creating multiple backlinks only for homepage when comparing with other webpages is not good strategy. Some of the companies says that acquiring homepage Backlink is good and increase brand awareness, however it is not the fact atleast not in year 2017. In previous decade year 2015, this strategy was helpful for ranking website higher. “John Mueller” who is Google authorized webmaster said, “Creating Backlink for Home Page in natural way is good, but if you Spam this than you might also Spam”.

Homepage Link + Exactly Match Anchor Text = Leading to Google Penalty

So make a balance between creating Backlinks for homepage and for other pages you have.

2. Link Farming or generating Link Wheel:

Link farming is just a series of free websites which allow creating page on their websites like wordpress, blogger and many other. For generating Backlinks, webmasters creates pages on these platforms and put some related content. This does not has any sense and not beneficial in ranking and all. Same way some of the webmasters prefer creating a backlink circle (link wheel) with their content network websites.

So Link wheel or Farming is not a strategy but it is the trick for creating many Articles containing one link of your website which Google can catch easily and cause to penalty.

3. Backlinking from Penalize website:

Not all but most of the backlinks are beneficial in getting higher rank in SERP. However if you are not analyzing background of backlinks offering websites then this can also be a reason of moving your website towards to penalty or sandbox.

So never tried to generate Backlinks from already penalize websites as instead creating Backlink it redirect you towards to Google penalty.

Anything Else for Preventing from Bad SEO activities:

Apart from above 3 there are many other activities which should be taken care before you go for them. But these 3 activities are which still being used by seo service provider which cause to Google penalty and nothing else. There are many other companies which are offering ethical seo services like Digital Bulbs having a team of perfect SEO strategist to serve it’s clients in well manner.